Sensitive Support for a Streamlined Practice

You’re a therapist who entered the field to help people, yet you find yourself stressing more about documentation and returning phone calls than your actual work with clients!

In fact, you would rather cut onions, sit in rush hour traffic, or listen to nails on a chalkboard than write notes or clean your desk.

Organization feels impossible to maintain given all of your responsibilities. You often find yourself wishing you could hit "RESET" on your practice.

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You would never admit this to colleagues, but here’s the dirty truth:

You feel scattered and unorganized...

  • Since starting your practice, systems that used to keep you organized no longer work.

  • You are behind… like, embarrassingly behind on your notes. Your inbox has hundreds [or thousands] of unread emails.

  • You’ve double booked clients because your calendar is a hot mess.

  • You lose important documents because you don’t have a system to organize your paper or electronic files.

And You Feel DIFFERENT than other therapists.

  • You feel isolated as an independent clinician and ashamed that your colleagues don't seem to have the same difficulties as you.

  • You have a hard time compartmentalizing sessions as a highly empathic, deep processor.

  • You have thought about closing your practice or even leaving the clinical world because the paperwork, admin tasks, and isolation are TOO. MUCH.

Imagine your life with SIMPLIFIED SYSTEMS...

You had efficient systems so you could spend most of your energy on your clients + clinical skills (not searching for that missing document).

Your electronic files were easy to locate, emails were in the correct folders, and you had an easy way to track payments + deadlines.

You could leave your office every night with a clutter-free desk, completed to-do list, and caught up on all of your notes & documentation.


You had a practice that nurtured your sensitivity without compromising any of your values or leaving you more drained.

You could intentionally create an environment, schedule, and systems that aligned with your strengths.

You had a sensitive guide to virtually hold your hand through the process of creating or updating your systems.

Meet Liz!

Your organizational + systems + mindset fairy godmother!

Mindset + Systems Coach:

  • I provide mindset + systems coaching for overwhelmed therapists.

  • I have owned an S-Corporation, DBA, & LLCs in 2 different states. Ask me anything... I have lots of stories to share!

Licensed Clinical Social Worker:

  • I am a practicing LCSW and RPT. I primarily work with Highly Sensitive teens & adults using EMDR & sandtray therapy.

  • I have worked in more settings than I can count on 1 hand!

Nicknamed the “Organization Queen” by my colleagues, I find joy in organizing folders, color-coding items, and making to-do lists!


"Liz has a way of making you feel instantly comfortable and cared for. I truly felt as if I was being heard as she attuned to my unique needs and gently guided me to action steps in bite-sized manageable pieces. I'm grateful for her assistance in helping me to achieve some projects that had been on my to-do list for over a year."


Vancouver, WA