You're a Therapist who Avoids Talking on the Phone


In fact, screening phone calls is your favorite hobby!

Just kidding... seeing unknown numbers & voicemail notifications makes your anxiety skyrocket.

What if you could SIMPLIFY your Screening System for new client inquiries with...

  • Templates for your initial email response

  • Checklists for new client consults

  • Flowcharts to decide whether to refer out

  • Scripts to help you know exactly what to say when you refer out

Yes, it's possible! Sign up below for the

Simple Screening System to get it all, and

Take Back Control of:

  • WHERE prospective clients hear about you so that you’re always able to position yourself as the clinical expert.

  • HOW they can contact you so you can limit who has access to your phone number.

  • WHAT information you gather so your consult call is focused on building rapport with ideal clients and screening out the rest.

  • WHO you take on as a new client so you're only working with your ideal client.

I'm Liz! I help

overwhelmed therapists

work through mindset barriers & create simple, streamlined systems!

Ready to only talk to ideal clients & refer out guilt-free?